Meet the Blue Willow Tutorial Team 

Priscilla Bell - Executive Director

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Priscilla Bell is the founder and Executive Director for Blue Willow Tutorial. She and her husband, Nathan Bell, have been married for twelve years and they have two daughters, Rory (9) and Maddie (7). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) and operates as a licensed teacher in the state of Tennessee. She has experience teaching children in local public schools and private schools in various grade levels. In her years of teaching in those capacities, she became hungry for an education model that would truly meet children where they are and help them soar to new heights.  Raised on the methods of Charlotte Mason, she began to dive deeper into her relational philosophy of learning and teaching and in so doing, discovered a beautiful and complete model of education that serves the whole child as God designed him – spirit, soul, and body. Priscilla and her family attend Hillcrest Church in Etowah, TN.


Lisa Ector is the Director of Education at Blue Willow Tutorial. Lisa has a long history with the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, beginning with homeschooling her own 7 children with these methods almost 30 years ago. Since then, she has immersed herself in the study of relational learning and served for three years as the Director of Education at Ingleside Tutorial in the Chattanooga area. She currently serves on the board of the Charlotte Mason Institute, a worldwide organization committed to research and development on this learning approach. In recent years, Lisa has also traveled throughout the country facilitating teacher training and helping with CM school and hybrid start-ups. At Blue Willow, she handles the day-to-day operations for grades 1-8 along with tutor training, scheduling, and curriculum implementation.

Lisa Ector - Director of Education


Cindy Wimpey - PreK/Kindergarten Tutor

Cindy Wimpey is excited to be serving as Blue Willow's Pre-K /Kindergarten tutor. She is married to her best friend Brian and together they have raised four children ages 16-31. Cindy brings over 12 years of Charlotte Mason Style homeschooling experience with her. She is a Christian and believes that the greatest living book is The Holy Bible. Cindy loves nature and the beauty of God's creation. She believes that life is the greatest classroom and we should never stop learning and growing. She loves to learn and with a background in nursing has a special interest in herbal medicine, nutrition and physical exercise. She enjoys children and is so humbled and excited about the opportunity to serve as a tutor at Blue Willow Tutorial.

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Donna Lane serves as first grade tutor for Blue Willow Tutorial.  She is married to Larry Lane and lives in Riceville with her husband and two daughters, Rebekah (15) and Charis (13). She has also raised four sons, ages 19-27, and now is the proud Mimi of 4 grandchildren. Donna has homeschooled her children for more than 15 years.  She has also taught Sunday School and served as Children's Church Director.  Currently, she is Nursery Director and Ladies' Ministry leader at Mountainside Community Bible Church in Etowah where she and her family attend. The Charlotte Mason method of teaching inspired Donna from the beginning of her homeschool journey and is what "made her love homeschooling."  She loves living books and teaching children to read.  She is excited that the Lord chose her to be a part of Blue Willow this year and is anticipating great things!

Donna Lane - 1st Grade Tutor

Aimee MacIsaac - 2nd/3rd Grade Tutor

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Aimee MacIsaac is thrilled and honored to be our 2nd and 3rd grade tutor.
She has always found herself surrounded by children; from growing up in a family of seven to teaching dance lessons, her love for children has been a constant.
A homeschool graduate herself, Aimee has experienced firsthand the Charlotte Mason methods and the deep love for learning they sparked in her. After mastering Scottish Highland Dancing and studying under a teacher in Michigan she became certified to teach under the B.A.T.D. in 2018 and will begin teaching highland dance in Knoxville in the fall.
Her other hobbies include baking, traveling and learning to play her harp, Saga Britta.
She hopes to instill the same love for learning in her students that her mom did for her in teaching about many diverse people, places and ideas. But most of all, she desires that Jesus will nurture and encourage every child’s heart to grow into the young men and women He has created them to be, guided by His Spirit.

Jessica Stephenson - 4th Grade Tutor

Jessica Stephenson has been stirred by the Lord to serve as the 4th Grade Tutor at Blue Willow. Her daughter Madelyn (4) attended Blue Willow the first year (2020-2021) with the Lord's leading and she has absolutely blossomed. Jessica is excited and impassioned to get to be a part of the discipleship ministry that is truly going on behind the scenes here at Blue Willow. She and Maddie attend Hillcrest Church and live in Etowah, TN. The two enjoy worship, singing, reading, cooking, and art. Jessica is an artist through and through and loves edifying others by making Christian themed jewelry for her jewelry line "Reflect The Son" out of The Print Studio at Fullers. Jessica praises God that He put a burning desire within her to learn His Word and know His Truth and walk in His Light after His Son Jesus Christ. She trusts God's Spirit to lead and guide her on this new exciting leg of her journey in the Lord.


Michala Jenkins - 5th/6th Grade Tutor

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Michala Jenkins serves as the 5th/6th grade tutor. She is excited to join the mission of Blue Willow Tutorial by empowering the next generation to reach their full potential. After graduating from Lee University with Intercultural Studies Ministry and a TESOL teaching certificate, she began leading the Children and Youth ministry at Mountainside Community Bible Church. Her life focus is to encourage the agency God has already given every person and equip them with tools to use it. Michala is most excited for building relationships with each student and hearing what the Holy Spirit is teaching them!

Priscilla Bell - 7th/8th Grade Tutor (see above for picture and bio)

Blue Willow Tutorial operates as a Tennessee non-profit and 501c3 with a Board of Directors. 

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