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Welcome to Blue Willow Tutorial!

Our Philosophy



We operate with an educational perspective that is founded on a Christ-centered Biblical worldview. This worldview is the foundation of all methods in and out of our classroom. We believe that children, made in the image of God, are not meant to be left to their own devices, nor placed in a high performance environment driven by extreme stress and unnecessary pressure. Rather, the child should be nurtured and guided in good habits of learning and living in a loving relationship with God and His world. These conclusions have led us to use the philosophy and methods of Charlotte Mason, a British educator from the 19th century who established a relational learning approach that is built upon a solid foundation of truth from God's Word. Her methods truly honor Him and honor children in their personhood. Our curriculum comes from the Charlotte Mason Institute, a research-based curriculum that provides students with a strong foundation in language arts, math, science, social studies, and a wide "feast" of other academics! 


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