Blue Willow Tutorial Pre-K and Kindergarten meet at beautiful Jericho Farm. The farm features two cabin-style classrooms, 100+ acres with trails, various farm animals, and a 3 acre pond. It's the perfect space for our play-based learning atmosphere. 

Grades 1-8 meet just around the corner from the farm at Double Springs Baptist Church. The church features large classrooms, a gymnasium with a stage for student use and family events, and a beautiful outdoor space with a creek for nature study.

Blue Willow Tutorial has been mentored by Ingleside Tutorial

located in the Chattanooga, TN area. You can visit their website for 

more resources on our unique structure. To see their website 

and learn more, click below! 


What is a Tutorial?

Blue Willow Tutorial is an education service that provides a support system for families who are already homeschooling or who feel that they could homeschool with this type of support. We provide the main structure of education with an excellent, challenging liberal arts curriculum in a nature-rich environment. Our Monday-Thursday, 9:00AM-1:00PM drop-off schedule allows for a school-like community of learning but with margin in the day to enjoy family time, outdoor play, community service, and to pursue extra-curricular activities to build upon student interests or passions. 

Blue Willow Tutorial currently serves students from PreK (3 years) to 8th Grade. 

Sample Schedule of a Day (1st Grade):

9:00-9:15  Morning Time

9:15-9:45  Math

9:45-10:05  Bible

10:05-10:20  Reading

10:20-10:40  Movement (Nature Walk)

10:40-10:50  Poetry

10:50-11:00 Writing

11:00-11:20  General Science*

11:20-11:40  Morning Refreshment

11:40-12:00  Spanish*

12:00-12:15  Composer Study*

12:15-12:30  Literature (Fairy Tales)

12:30-1:00  Nature Journal*

*Subjects marked indicate weekly subjects, not daily. For example, on Wednesdays there may be a Spanish lesson and on Thursdays there may be an Art lesson/History/etc. in that same time slot.